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A Multi-Source Engineering Company

Aviation, Defence, Communication and Consulting


    To provide efficient solutions to complex and diverse problems.


    To operate a comprehensive Multi-Service Engineering company in alliance and partnership with various global companies of choice.


    Our value system is built around integrity, excellence, innovations and commitment.

    • Build Trust and Credibility
    • Maintain respect for employees, customers and shareholders
    • Operate with dignity and integrity
    • Strive for Excellence
    • Driven by Customers
    • Deliver on Promises
    • Focus on what is important, and not what is convenient
    • Be loyal (to your company and yourselves)
    • Uphold the law


Our services include contracting for Government Agencies, Oil Companies, Civil and Military Aviation Industry in Nigeria.

Our Clients


  • Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN)
  • Nigerian Airspace Management Authority (NAMA)
  • ExxonMobil
  • Texaco Overseas (Nigeria)
  • Ministry of Defence (Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy, Nigerian Airforce)
  • State Governments
  • Department of State Services
  • Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)


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Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

This general policy is supplemented by another organizational health and safety policy specific to construction work sites.

As a multi-source and engineering service company operating in Nigeria, we make Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental a primary objective in all our activities.

Our objective with regards to all the establishments where we are assigned a mandate or responsibility in occupational health, safety and environmental, is to have a zero (0) accidents in the workplace and the elimination of risk or danger.

We have identified measurable objectives which are specific and adapted to each type of operation in which we are involved which will be subject to periodic review.

Safety is our keyword, safety of our personnel, and products is advocated. We require a safe and healthy area of operations, ensure safety of our equipment, and surrounding. Our personnel are requested to go for yearly training and courses on safety, we ensure routine safety check of facilities and equipment before and after installation.

We believe in an environment free from pollution and destruction. We conserve and protect our environment whenever any work or service is embarked upon by us. We strictly adhere to the policy of conserving the environment.

The Manager in-charge of safety on every project is responsible for verifying official directives regarding occupational health, safety, and environment and to ensure that all offices, equipment and work sites comply with laws, regulations and operating policies.