About Us

Strasscorp Limited is a Nigerian based Engineering, Procurement and Contracting Company active in infrastructural development, aviation and defence system solutions. We provide full EPC/Turnkey solutions inclusive of engineering, digital technology, detailed design, procurement, onsite construction, energy, and industrial. We do this by forming alliances and joint venture (JV) partnerships with various global companies and organizations.

We have extensive experience in Aviation (Civil and Defence) and Infrastructural development and we provide sustainable solid solutions as a partner in your engineering and technology project. We deliver greater capital efficiency with cost and schedule certainty. We are highly skilled and experienced in undertaking Civil Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Energy, Industrial and Electro-Mechanical works and we are properly positioned and committed to design and implement projects to our clients’ satisfaction.

We have sterling track record of successful project execution which has assisted in our developmental strategy to win more projects and expand our business activities and we follow environmentally responsible practices in all our projects and business operations.


To provide efficient solutions to complex and diverse problems.

Ethics And Values

Our value system is built around integrity, excellence, innovations, and commitment.


To operate a comprehensive Multi-Service Engineering company in alliance and partnership with various global companies of choice.

SKILL AND EXPERTISEWe tackle complex challenges facing infrastructure project delivery

Strasscorp Limited specializes in addressing complex challenges associated with infrastructure project delivery through innovative problem-solving, expert analysis, and collaborative teamwork to ensure successful and timely completion.

Our Experience and Multi-disciplines project team offers full range of expertise, capabilities and experience to deliver projects. Our team and JV Partners are staffed with specific resources skills and expertise to fulfill each project needs with clear focus on quality delivery.

ClientsOur Clients