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Project Details


Construction of Roof Top Helipad at RCCG Trinity Tower, Lagos

Strasscorp Limited, was awarded the contract to design, construct, and commission the Roof Top Helipad at the RCCG Trinity Towers, Lagos. The scope of work included provision of Fire equipment, Aircraft Warning Lights, Strip Lights around the helipad.

The helipad is expected to facilitate the efficient movement of personnel, business executives, VIPs, and aid Emergency Medical Evacuations.
The commissioned rooftop helipad meets the highest safety and security standards and was constructed with materials that meet with ICAO and NCAA specifications. The construction process was carried out with the utmost attention to engineering details, ensuring that the helipad meets all safety and regulatory requirements.

The roof top helipad at the Trinity Towers, Oniru, Lagos, is strategically located in the heart of Lagos, making it easily accessible to VIPs who need to travel within the city. The helipad provides a quick and convenient means of transportation, saving valuable time for executives and emergency medical evacuations, who would otherwise have to navigate the city’s congested traffic.

We deployed our expertise, experience in aviation and infrastructure development to the successful construction and commissioning of the Trinity Towers roof top helipad.

The company’s multi project team delivered on the high-quality infrastructural solutions to enable efficient and fast movement within the city and beyond.

Strasscorp Limited recognises that each project is different and offer a range of systems to meet client requirements. We are prepared and positioned to undertake more Roof Top Helipad projects.